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  • “Putting God To Work” is a must read for Christian leaders and managers who want to become more like Christ and truly be a witness to those you come in contact with in everything you do and say, no matter where you are. Putting the principles into daily consistent practice is essentially “putting God to work” for you as He blesses you through your obedience to Him regardless of any situation. If you are a person desiring the peace of God and learn to live the Christian life to those around you wherever more effectively, then this is a book you need to consider looking into. It is extremely inspiring, well written, easy to read and will be very difficult to put down once you start reading. Recommend using it as a study guide for groups to sharpen each other in our journey's. I had the privilege to meet the author Scott Maclellan for lunch and in just that short time could see a man of his word following through with the principles he acquired, teaches, and lives. His impression inspired me to read the book which I did in virtually one sitting and was totally captured! The book is so well written and encouraging with stories you can relate to. You can use the book in a ten week Bible Study to work on each of the ten principles week by week rubbing elbows with fellow brothers and sisters desiring to grow deeper in Christ. Personally, I will now go into a weekly pursuit of digging into each principle using the Bible and studying with a group of men for us to become better leaders and managers to our families and those we work and meet with. It is my personal goal to be a man of integrity - that is to be who I am regardless of where I am and who I am at all times. This book has clearly helped me! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at rob.kuehl@live.com or 770-789-2174.
  • By Neil
    As we traveled through the pages of this book it became obvious that it is designed to help those who have a strong relationship with the supreme being. Not everyone does; however, it could be considered a blueprint for those who are devout or semi-devout. In this day of age, when matters of religion tend to be a source of conflict in the areas of politics and law, it is refreshing to read about an avenue of thought and prayer that could very well serve as a support in the quest for making the right decisions in the world of business. Our knowledge of the author allows us to know that he believes in every word that he has written. Conjecture might indicate the fact that if he and his wife had not had their faith put to the test very early in life, as well as many of the following years, the idea for the book might never have materialized. Perhaps those in the business world can read this book and then see where the author achieves his strength of convictions. Our day to day conflicts may not be as dramatic as those revealed in some of the prose but the bottom line is that we can gather strengh from our convictions through God and his son Jesus Christ. It is really that simple.
  • For most of us, living out our faith in our work life is a constant struggle. Putting God to Work offers hope, encouragement and practical Biblical insights that will strengthen your faith. Scott's ability to communicate through real life stories makes this a must read for everyone who desires to walk with God in the workplace. Author, The Heart of Mentoring
  • Even though I have been out of the professional workplace environment for many years, Scott's 10 principles work well in our everyday life. So as I go from one place to the other, I am reminded of the stories he tells and how easy it truly is to be a kinder, loving person to all the working people I come in contact with. Humility is the first and most important ingredient in all walks of life. Thank you for sharing some very personal stories. God bless!
  • "You had me at the title". It jolted and scrambled my somewhat "glossed over" attitude for books and materials of this nature on God. Been there, done that. Still, having reservations of it being a pedantic - by the numbers lesson plan – I decided to give it a brief scan. Whoa! All of a sudden I was plowing ahead and flipping pages, as if it were the latest - best selling action / thriller. But, the narrative was even more engaging - because it wasn't fiction! It is truthful, up close accounts of God's interaction in the workplace - by an extraordinary storyteller. Scott opens his heart and bears his soul with such intimacy and authenticity…that you can't help but resonate deeply with his trials, tribulations…as well as God's victory in his life. The lessons that follow each parable are engaging, scripture based and couched in practical, relevant contexts. In today's world of digital pixels, that dance across all the various gadgets, Ipads and video screens…we've become very lethargic, distracted and detached… particularly with social interactions and relationships. MacLellan's book challenges each of us to wake up, step up - abide in Christ's love and allow God's power and grace to work through us to transform our lives, empower our co-workers and change the world. Now that's thrilling!
  • Scott's successful business experience combined with a dynamic faith in Jesus Christ make him a mentor worth reading and heeding! You will love, laugh, and learn from his stories and insights, and the 10 Principles will put you on course to live out your faith in ways that honor God as you make an even greater contribution at your workplace.
  • Even as a young person in the business word, if you love the Lord, it is easy to see that there is often an unfortunate and unfounded disconnect between the spiritual and professional life. Putting God to Work offers a practical set of tools for bridging that gap. We are to work as if the Lord Himself is our boss and this book charts that course by way of Biblically-sound instruction made practical by the recounting of actual stories of real-life success and failure in the real world. Relying on his vast experience in and knowledge of the business world, author Scott MacLellan drives home the fact that sound Christian doctrine has everyday application in the workplace which will positively impact your world, both professionally and spiritually. The Holy Spirit speaks loudly and clearly through Putting God to Work and is a must-read for any person struggling with how to live out a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in a professional environment.